Dogsledding morning/evening tour, approx. 2,5 h 

Tour starts: 10:00 or 17:00

(Between 16 of March – 15th of April the evening tour starts at 18:00)

We drive you in the mini van to and from the dogsledding kennel (Approx 10 min from the camp)

The only sound you hear is the panting of the dogs and the runners of the sled moving over the snow. On clear evenings with a bright moon, the trees throw their shadows along the trail and there is a good chance to see the impressive northern lights.

On this trip you ride as a passenger on your guides sled (max. 4 people per sled).

For alternative tours ask for info.

Prices: (minimum 2 people)

1250 SEK/person (approx. 125 €) (morning)

1350 SEK/person (approx. 135 €) (evening)

Overalls, boots, gloves and helmets are provided.

Our dogsledding tours must be booked well in advance!